Sobriety Foundation

We help financially disadvantaged Utahn adults with a path to long-term, sustainable sobriety.

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Founded in 2012, Sobriety Foundation (formerly SOL Scholarship Foundation) helps Utahn adults with substance abuse disorders find successful, sustained recovery from drug and/or alcohol dependence. Substance abuse is one of the critical public health programs of our time. In the 2016 Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Annual Report, it showed that 134,172 adults in Utah needed treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, but the public system could only serve 13,400 individuals…

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A gift to Sobriety Foundation provides hope and resources to adults in active addiction recovery. Your support directly funds programs to champion long-term, sustainable sobriety.


Make an important difference in the lives of those in our addiction recovery community today— volunteer at Sobriety Foundation.

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